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So Cal Heating & Cooling works with the largest heating and air conditioning distributors in southern California. We supply the leading top brands to our customers with the best manufacture warranties. For example, in the industry, pioneer engineers like Amana have been in business since 1934 and continue to be one of the top engineering manufacturers in high efficiency systems. Their patented million-air heat exchanger has endured over one million extreme temperature test cycles. This is one of the reasons, along with their lifetime unit replacement warranty, we know your Amana will last for years to come ---our work is 100% guaranteed!

Here are some of the products and services offered:

  • Mini Split Systems                •Digital thermostats
  • Wall Heaters                        •Fan Blower Motors
  • Floor Heaters                       •Gas Valves
  • Heat Pumps                         •Humidifiers
  • Air Handlers                         •Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Wall A/C Unit                       •Condenser Fan Motors
  • Condensers                         •Compressors
  • Furnaces     

Give Us a call will help find the right product for you! ( 323 ) 630-0399
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